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We have created a substantial and effective organization, in a standard range of services and distribution, based on the correct cost ratio as time the quality, type and size of the services provided, according to the needs, requirements and requirements of our customers in combination with environmentally acceptable solutions.

Company V. V Electric World & Catering LTD was founded in Paphos in 1998.
ManagVladimiros Vladimirou.
In our first steps our object was the introduction and disposal of granite machines as well as the raw material for the preparation of the cool summer fruit drink on a Pancyprian scale.

In 2008 we expanded by enriching our range with consumable products, such as disposable food packaging products, stationery, cream sautcombes, personal hygiene items, laundry items, cleaning equipment etc.

We supply restaurants, hotels, kiosks and more generally dining and recreation areas. 



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Our company is always striving for the best service to its customers. Our goal is to offer the best service to each customer individually.

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Above all, we are interested in the customer and his efficient service. We are interested in being satisfied and having the best possible experience with us.

Inside Our Shop

Our company focuses in plastic, paper and environmentally friendly disposable products and packaging materials. We offer disposable tableware, sustainable food packaging products, eco-friendly food containers and take-out boxes, cups, plates and cutlery also. Versupack has complete solutions that correspond to demand of professional users in terms of function, range, availability, quality and price.

The product range includes food containers, disposable tableware products, disposable dinnerware products, take-away containers, kraft salad bowls, bamboo cups, wooden cutlery, catering disposables, napkins, mini dishes, paper straws, sealable bagasse trays, biodegradable foodservice products, molded fiber packaging.

Our aim is to offer the modern and effective solution for your business.

We are proud to say that we offer the most modern and unique products for our customers.